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In a world where the competitive advantage no longer is limited to a profit over cost calculation but has expanded in its ability to attract, motivate and retain top talents .To have a wonderful workplace experience,you have 3 keys.

Identify the workplace archetypes

The workplace represents a gathering point for many different people with different behaviors and needs. Even though all people are different, you’ll often experience that some similarities between certain groups of people persist. We like to call these groups of people with similar behavior patterns, needs and preferences; archetypes.To create excellent workplace experiences; one of our keys must be to successfully identify the diverse archetypes that are present in our respective offices – map their behavior and understand where we can create the single biggest emotional difference.


When focusing on creating great workplace experiences the worst you can do is not to pay attention to the diverse needs that are present in a workplace environment.For once, we must put our heavy excel sheets and surveys aside and do what separates us as humans from all other species on earth – the ability to empathize.Empathizing with the end-users allows us, like nothing else, to understand where we can make the single biggest difference in their everyday life and thus – how we can connect with our workplace users on an emotional level.

Apply human-centered design thinking

To understand the employee journey and detect which specific services you need to work with, Service Design as a method can be extremely useful to apply.Through its enormous focus on empathy, Service Design creates the foundation for ensuring that all parts of the employee journey are analyzed with respect to the individual personas or archetypes occupying the same workplace.It nevertheless helps us to be less service-specific and more human-centered. It all lies in the ability to build our services around humans rather than facilities.

There are many ways for you to get a taste of day-to-day working life, and engaging in a variety of workplace experiences throughout your time at University is like a taking your future for a test drive.Internships are one way of getting industry experience, but there are plenty of others. These come under the definition of ‘workplace experiences’ and range from one-day site visits to job shadowing and externships.The insights you gain from these experiences can help you make informed decisions about the courses you take and the type of work you look for after your graduate.

Benefits of taking part in these kinds of placements:

>>You may discover roles available to you that you hadn’t associated with your degree.

>>You’ll get a clearer picture for what is important to you in a workplace culture.

>>You could find a new passion or skill set that you choose to pursue academically.

These experiences can build on each other: you might first attend a site visit to an organisation, then participate in work experience in another area or industry, then get back in touch with someone you met on the site visit and do an internship with their organisation.Workplace experiences look great on your CV, and learning from the feedback you receive from employers will make you more employable when you graduate.

Workplace experiences will:

>>Offer you the chance to explore a variety of careers, including those outside of your direct study path.

>>Help you understand the reality and the responsibilities of an employee.

>>Help you develop confidence and skills needed in the workplace, and will also highlight skills you need to develop.

>>Give you great networking opportunities – you never know who you might meet that could help you in your future.



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