WooCommerce Catalog

WooCommerce Catalog

Most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business.

If you wish to turn your whole store into catalog mode, regardless of user roles or products, then this option is suitable for you. Catalog mode is useful while updating stock or when your website is undergoing routine maintenance.

Role-based Catalog Mode

With this feature, you can limit catalog mode view only to certain users or user roles. Here is a list of use cases.

  • Enable catalog mode only for Guest Users or Unregistered Users.
  • Remove the Add to Cart button and Replace with a text/HTML Placeholder text for specific user roles.
  • Customize the Add to Cart button by changing to Custom text and Redirecting to the desired page for the selected user roles.
  • Hide Product prices for Specific Users.
  • Hide Cart and Checkout Pages for selected user roles.
  • Hide the “Place Order” button and customize the placeholder text based on user roles.
  • Hide Payment Gateways for individual user roles separately.

Benefits of Woocommerce Catalog?

Hide Prices

Remove prices from your products and product

Remove Add to Cart

Replace the the add to cart button with a Read More button.

Enquiry Form

Show an enquiry form modal on your single product pages.

Enquiry Cart

Replace the default WooCommerce cart functionality with an enquiry cart.

WooCommerce Catalog Mode Services in Chennai

Build up a catalogue of products and online services and encourage your customers to contact you to get a dedicated price estimate or additional information.

Simply turn your online shop into a catalog

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